Saturday, February 3, 2018

Kind of About Fencing

Today I crossed the 15 pound threshold in my plan to loose weight. I started some time after the first of the year. Not sure of the day. This is goal number three. I set my goals at 5 lb intervals. Five more pounds to my big goal and 3 or 4 more as a buffer zone. At that point, I will take a look at where I am and make some decisions.

Well great Jim. Good for you. What does that have to do with fencing? I am trying to loose weight primarily to help my fencing and perhaps my bad knees. Other health benefits as well.....but this is the main reason.

For those that don't know, loosing weight at 65 is hard thing to do. I am retired and I am not on my feet as much as when I was working. Not moving around as much. My metabolism has just about flat lined. And at this age, your body requires fewer calories.

Okay big are you loosing weight?

I increased the number of days per week I am in the gym. If don't fence that day, I am in the gym and my workouts are "heavier" and longer. I experiment with my routines. I like to change it up. Sadly , due to problems with my knees I am not working my legs very hard at all.  I use to do them the hardest of all.

Food. I try to eat mostly healthy things. Mostly protein. I shoot for below 1800 calories. Once in a while below 1500. I look up calories sometimes and I just guess sometimes. I pay attention to portion size most of the time. I have found out that I do not get a "cheat day". Tried that. Literally gained back 4 or more pounds in one day. This truly sucks. I miss my Shrimp Egg Foo Young and my Vietnamese street noodles badly.  Not to mention the occasional strong urge for some decadent dessert.

Weird stuff. I read about drinking a small amount of apple cider vinegar to help with weight loss. The articles I read said it had to be used in conjunction with decent eating and workouts to have any appreciable effect. So does it work. Who can say? Hard to quantify it with the diet and exercise I am doing. I will say that it taste just like the dye you use for Easter eggs smells. Not good. You must dilute it with water or it could harm the enamel on your teeth as well.

Another thing. 20 to 25 minutes in a sauna with a temperature around 190. I first heard about this as I listened to a trainer in the gym talk about it. Evidently,he felt it was a great weight loss tool and not just for sweating out water weight. Which you would quickly gain back by drinking water. Reading on line, I found articles that said it was useless. Some said it was a bit helpful and some said it was amazing in what it does for weight loss. I am experimenting. For some reason, (except for the boredom of sitting there) it does make me feel better. I am staying with it for a while. May drop the vinegar. A word of warning. If you are in a sauna that is around 190 or above and you sit on a nail head that is working it's way out of the wooden bench, it will burn the immortal crap out of you. Just saying.

Yet another thing. I am taking a mixture of MSM/Glucosamine for my knees. MSM is suposed to help some people loose weight. Not sure I am buying that. Also, with no over site by the government on these types of products, it may not even be MSM.

Last thing. I use to drink a lot of fruit juice, reduced with water. Now, I mostly drink water with lemon. That is supposed to be a weight loss tool as well. Who knows?

So....did loosing this weight help your knees. Not so far as I can tell. Did it help your fencing? There again, hard to quantify. To many factors to take in to make a judgement. I will look at it harder when  I reach the next goals. You would think it would just about have to improve endurance. I will just have to see about some other things when I get there.