Monday, January 22, 2018


Ever so often, I look at the list of  fencing clinics (within driving distance) on AskFred.
I am not sure why. There are generally some camps for young fencers. There are beginner camps. The odd ref clinic here and there. Nothing very interesting to me.

At almost any clinic, you would be lucky to come away with one good thing you picked up. That doesn't mean that a clinic isn't good. You do fencing related things. It is like really good extra practice. Sometimes you pick up a good new game or drill. Often times, it is filled with a ridiculous amount of warm up and exercise. ( Filler.) It is always way more than you want if you are vet 60 fencer.

I think that is why I am drawn to the least held clinics, which seem to be coaching clinics. Even though I will most likely never coach again (except grand kids) or be a really good coach, this appeals to me. The people there are generally older. There is not much in the way of warm ups or exercise filler in the program. I enjoy drills....private lessons....that sort of thing. The conversations about fencing are sometimes at a higher level. I think I get more out of it. Sadly, I have not seen anything like this lined up by the USFCA in my region.

I have often thought it would be interesting to have a weekend clinic with coaches from different clubs, doing what ever they do best. Also have refs and armorers there doing small lessons on various things. There would be a list of what was offered and the various time slots. You customize the clinic, by signing up for what interest you most. If somebody wanted to spend half a day warming up and doing exercises, someone could be there to work there butts off. Or if you wanted to just skip that crud and fence,you could do that. Anyway...that is my pipe dream.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Fenced poorly Thursday night, but I fenced a lot. Haven't fenced much because of knees and holidays for the last month and a half. Oddly enough, I don't feel bad about fencing poorly. We were supposed to fence to win, not work on things. However, in two weeks there is a home tournament and I want the young guns to be a bit over confident. I also want to study one or two. Odds are, I cannot hang with them. But, if it is one of those times when I am "on", I might surprise one or two.

Also, I started trying to drop some weight. I am down 10 pounds in about a week and a half. Shooting for another 9 and then I will take a look at how much I want to go past that. I am highly motivated. I figure the weight loss should help my knees and my fencing. Not sure how much. But it is worth a try.

Next week, I am back to training twice a week. Yay!