Thursday, November 30, 2017


 Coach Ron Miller will retire at the end of this year with 51 years of coaching for UNC under his belt. He plans to continue to run NCFDP after retirement. ( A few details to be worked out.) We talked about it over dinner last week.

I have often thought of what it would be like to be Coach and then retire. This is not like me retiring from my job. I loathed mine much of the time and only did it to support my family.  Coach loves his job. How will this effect him?

I have, in the last week, had bad knee problems. I was beginning to think I may not fence again. Saw the doctor. He thinks with rest, it will be okay. If not, we will look at other options. The thought of not fencing weighed heavily on my mind. As an older man ....or perhaps as just me.....I need a sense of purpose. I need an identity. Fencing and being a fencer provide that. Not to mention a dozen other reasons not fencing would kill me.

So would Coach suffer from this same need for identity and purpose.? Would it be a hundred times worse? Is he so positive in his attitude that this will not bother him? Are their things he is looking
forward to in his retirement that will ease the transition?

I know Susun will be glad to have him home more. They will have some fun together.

I know he will go through a heck of an adjustment. I hope it is a good one.