Sunday, September 10, 2017

2 Possible Options

I need an opinion. Or maybe if I just write it down and look at it, the answer will come to me.


I generally train two nights a week. Occasionally some practice bouting or a local tournament on weekends. The two nights of training are at 2 different clubs. Travel time to one club is around 4 hours round trip. 2 hours and 40 minutes to the other. I am a 65 year old man. I have been fencing for 13 years.

My training at present goes like this. 3 private lessons a week. 1 group lesson. Bout around 6 times a week.  ( More if I work in  some weekend training.)1 private lesson is technical. (Note: You will not find a better person to give a pure technical lesson.) The other two vary in emphasis.  Both great coaches. The closer club I travel to, I very rarely bout. I take two private lessons there. The reason I do not bout is a time issue. By the time my private lessons are done, the strips are full. More to it than that, but that is the "biggie".

If I cut out one of the private lessons at the club where I take two, I could work in maybe 3 extra bouts. Most of these would be with people  that are greatly superior to me. (I prefer people who are better, but not by a huge margin.) Is that better than what I am doing?

I have always thought that the way I am doing it is best for the following reasons. While more bouts would be better for me as far as improving endurance, I feel like I just be playing my same old game and reinforcing the things I do wrong . By taking private lessons, I feel I am trying to improve my game. Sadly, at my age correcting things and picking up new things becomes incredibility hard. Not sure to what extent, if any, I am succeeding. (Also, I really enjoy the the two private lessons and some of why you fence is to have fun. Or it should be.)

( Note: A lot of times,when I record in my journal, I am just trying to figure things out or come to some sort of conclusion. I did not do that by writing this post. However, I did see that there is a third possibility. That is that it just doesn't make any appreciably difference which option I take. That might be the answer I am looking for. )