Sunday, April 9, 2017

50 Years of Coaching

Last night I attended a banquet for Coach Ron Miller. He is head coach for UNC fencing. It marked his 50th year of coaching. I felt honored to be invited, as this was for his alumni that had fenced on his teams over all these years. My training partner and I had the privilege of being the only "current" students I saw there. It was rather amazing at how many of his former team members that we knew.

There were good stories. There were plans announced. I got to see my friend, Mrs. Coach.  I got to hear Coach speak.

At the end of Coach's speech (It really wasn't a speech, it was a request.) he said, " Go find jobs that you love. I am the luckiest man in the world."

Maybe he is, but I saw over a hundred members of his teams, and they all counted themselves pretty lucky for his influence. And I think they were.

This was really not a celebration of years or wins. It was a celebration of the man.


Susun Miller said...

We were so glad you and Henri were there! Two artists like us end up becoming friends through fencing... I would not have imagined it. You and Henri are heroes to me. Plus I like you - a good place to start a friendship. :)



Jim Kent said...

We love you too Miss Susun.