Sunday, October 23, 2016

Short Random Thoughts

I am 64 years old. I have seen my parents die and my wife's parents die. Eventually you have to clean out the house where they lived and throw things away. Some of the keepsakes you toss would have great sentimental value to them. I am sitting in my man cave looking at fencing medals and such. I hope to leave them around, so my grand kids can find them. Perhaps they will think they are cool. I look at a nice 1st place one. They will not know that there were only 5 people in that event. I have a couple of coaching certificates and such hanging under the trophies. Other certificates with my fencing books and note books. If the kids dig through those books, they will find one certificate I got at an almost useless clinic. If you read the thing, it makes me sound like Zorro. Hope they find it.

Fenced in a tournament yesterday. I was seeded 7th going in. I was seeded 7th after pools. I was seeded 7th in the final results. It means nothing. I keep looking for meaning in epee results, but epee stats are akin to chaos for some of us. No longer looking for meaning there.

A couple of months back, my training partner got sort of conflicting instructions from our two coaches. As I remember, it had something to do with her stance. She talked on and on to me about it on the drive home. She was thinking out loud about it. After some time I stopped her. I looked at her and said, " You have 5 national medals, a couple of coaching certificates and you have been fencing for 11 years.You aren't a 10 year old listening to your coach. Your coaches are not petite 63 year old women fencers. Always listen. Occasionally, silently question advice. In the end, you must figure out what is right for you. You're smart enough to do so. Need to figure it out? The answer is always on the strip."

On a related topic: In fencing, often there is more than one correct way to do something.


Wesley said...

"I got it at an almost useless clinic. If you read the thing, it makes me sound like Zorro.

This cracked me up! I agree. The more I've gotten to know my coaches, sadly, the less I respect their opinions on certain issues. At the end of the day, you have to make your own choices about your hobbies. Sure, we all want to win, but I'm certain that I'll never be a world-class fencer. I can be a good regional fencer and have a fun time doing that.

Great blog. I enjoy your articles.

Jim Kent said...

Thanks Wesley.