Friday, September 16, 2016


According to both my coaches and in different ways I am improving, If just one had said it or implied it, I might have thought they were " blowing smoke". But as it is both of them, I will believe it. ( Right up to the point when I am destroyed in an upcoming tournament. Perhaps even after.) I am more relaxed and more confident. I know this. Young people will never understand the joy I get from my coaches comments. I have thought for a long time that as my body and mind aged, it would minimize or negate any chance for improvement technically or on strip. Maybe not.

It is unlikely that I will ever gain a higher rating or even renew my present one. It is not impossible, but it is improbable. So seeing improvement,.....reaching that such an uplifting experience.

Coach Toomey said ,with a smile, last night at practice, " After 12 years of fencing, you finally have a style." Perhaps I am remedial, but I am happy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fear and Failure

Fenced in a home tournament ( B1-15 people). Did well in pools fencing some good young guns.
Finished second in my pool and 5th out of pools. Went out my first DE to the guy seed 12th.. Disheartening. I suspect this was my best chance at renewing or improving my rating for this season and I blew it. I was tired and even though at one point I had a four point lead, I could not come up with a game plan. Vet Brian? Possibly so.  When I got home and washed my "whites", I washed a body cord with them.....and dried it. I had always feared doing that.

Another fear: I often go to club and find strange things attached to the Velcro of my jacket. Socks; grand kid clothes and wife's undies. I fear that some day there will be a repeat on the undies and someone will see them. That probably would not end well.