Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You Would Have Thought I Would Figure This Out By Now

Last night I returned to the North Carolina Fencing Development Program in Chapel Hill after the month long summer break. My coach there is Dr. Ron Miller, head coach of the UNC Varsity Fencing team.

I have been taking private lessons with him for years. They are a series of technical French drills.

Last night he asked me where Jim Kent was. I was so much better after the break. In fact he said I was 20% better. He bragged on me. Told me he was proud of me. ( That means a lot to me.) He told me it was the best lesson I had ever taken with him.

Okay....yay me! But I thought about this on the drive home and I wondered why. Why was I so much better?

Other than a conscious effort to relax and use my fingers, I did nothing different with my mind or focus.

This is my theory.  When I take a lesson with Coach, generally there are three or more things corrected. I take this very seriously. So the next time we have a lesson, I have those flaws on my mind and I am ready to do my best to correct them. However, we do drills and another series of flaws are uncovered and perhaps the ones from the previous week are not mentioned. So after a month of similar lessons and the uncovering of 3 or more flaws per week, I am concentrating on my corrections so much, that I cannot relax.

I think I will not take my lessons with Coach so seriously. (That is the wrong way to describe it, but it is sort of what the plan is.) I am just going to do what every coach has told me to do since I started fencing. Relax.