Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crib Notes

I am truly thinking about attaching crib notes to the weapon arm of my training jacket. I can't put them all there, no ones arm is that long.

Last night I had two private lessons. One with Coach and one with Matt. Matt gives a great PL. It is filled with energy and excitement on his part, that you cannot help but absorb.

Several take aways from Matt's lesson last night, but the big one is to relax my back shoulder. Who knew? I see what it does for me. Now if I can just remember to do it when bouting.

I had a new flaw with Coach's PL. My head was tilted.

No more fencing in Chapel Hill until August 24th.

I will try to work on these things in Charlotte, while working on the flaws Toomey has me work on. I think I am doing better on the "always be active" problem.

I gave some thought to recording ALL  the things I need to work on, here in my journal.  I don't think I could bare to look at that huge list all in one place.

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