Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crib Notes

I am truly thinking about attaching crib notes to the weapon arm of my training jacket. I can't put them all there, no ones arm is that long.

Last night I had two private lessons. One with Coach and one with Matt. Matt gives a great PL. It is filled with energy and excitement on his part, that you cannot help but absorb.

Several take aways from Matt's lesson last night, but the big one is to relax my back shoulder. Who knew? I see what it does for me. Now if I can just remember to do it when bouting.

I had a new flaw with Coach's PL. My head was tilted.

No more fencing in Chapel Hill until August 24th.

I will try to work on these things in Charlotte, while working on the flaws Toomey has me work on. I think I am doing better on the "always be active" problem.

I gave some thought to recording ALL  the things I need to work on, here in my journal.  I don't think I could bare to look at that huge list all in one place.

Friday, July 15, 2016

I Don't Know. This Stuff Was On My Mind.

Last night, for my private lesson, I fenced my coach. I do this move (once in a while) where I go for a toe shot, but rather than keep my distance, I advance into them after the action and do a "drop and dig" (bell guard low-point up ) in fighting attack. Kind of a safety. I have no idea why it works for me ( generally). I have never seen another fencer do this.

At any rate, I hurt my coach. Obviously he is a much better fencer and in my haste to hit him as fast as possible. I hit him hard and hurt him. Shortly after that, he hit me with a good fast action four times in a row. The same action, all four times. Now part of the reason he did that is due to his skill and part of it is that I lost my mind set for combat because I hurt a friend. I think, if it had been in a tournament situation and not someone I knew well or at all, I may have been able to go back into fencing mode. I record this in my journal to remind myself .....something. I am not sure what.

I have often thought that sometimes, when you fence certain people, you have an insight into their personality. Not everyone you fence, but some of them. I think the same can be said of coaches. I think you can know them, by the type of private lesson they give. Obviously, you get the benefit of knowing coaches through an entire class, or time spent with a group. But if the only interaction you had with them was a private lesson, I think you would have a good insight into who they are.