Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post 500 and Something

Fenced in the Richmond North American Cup. Did poorly. Remained at my initial seeding. No advancement. On the up side, I had a pretty good time. Good food. Good company. All my weapons are repaired and I got new shoes. So...Yay!

I am going to try and turn up my training between now and the next NAC in December. Both in the gym and practice. Hope I stick to this plan.

Haven't had much in the way of private lessons of late. Coach Miller has been ill and I am the last lesson before closing in Charlotte. Pretty short and mostly talking of late.

I am thinking about dabbling in foil. If I take a PL with Joe in Chapel Hill, I could double up my PLs there. I also have been wanting to try some low level foil event. It would mean buying some new equipment however. Just thinking about it at present.  

I have put to bed a teeny tiny fencing worry. When I go to big National events, or even smaller tournaments with armory checks , I always worry/wonder about the little inspection tape on my body cord. Does it go at the glove or the back, so the ref can find it. After talking to a couple of people, I now put it at the back.   Okay...it wasn't a big worry, but eliminating one  tiny stressful thought before a bout can't hurt.  

Looking around for some sort of clinic or weekend camp I can attend during the summer. So far, nothing of value within driving distance. Hope springs eternal.

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