Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post 500 and Something

Fenced in the Richmond North American Cup. Did poorly. Remained at my initial seeding. No advancement. On the up side, I had a pretty good time. Good food. Good company. All my weapons are repaired and I got new shoes. So...Yay!

I am going to try and turn up my training between now and the next NAC in December. Both in the gym and practice. Hope I stick to this plan.

Haven't had much in the way of private lessons of late. Coach Miller has been ill and I am the last lesson before closing in Charlotte. Pretty short and mostly talking of late.

I am thinking about dabbling in foil. If I take a PL with Joe in Chapel Hill, I could double up my PLs there. I also have been wanting to try some low level foil event. It would mean buying some new equipment however. Just thinking about it at present.  

I have put to bed a teeny tiny fencing worry. When I go to big National events, or even smaller tournaments with armory checks , I always worry/wonder about the little inspection tape on my body cord. Does it go at the glove or the back, so the ref can find it. After talking to a couple of people, I now put it at the back.   Okay...it wasn't a big worry, but eliminating one  tiny stressful thought before a bout can't hurt.  

Looking around for some sort of clinic or weekend camp I can attend during the summer. So far, nothing of value within driving distance. Hope springs eternal.

Monday, April 18, 2016

See Post Below.

In the post below, I am working on making a long sword cheaply. Bought a blade from Albion. Found a  guard in the UK. Filed and ground the tang to fit. Made a grip. Found a pommel that would work in Australia. That is a long story short. It has been an interesting project, but has not turned out good enough to suit me. So, I will fork out the money and by an Albion sword for the artwork-like quality.

I recorded that story, so I could record these others.

Every time I mentioned buying an expensive sword, my wife would not say anything. However, she would look at me with eyes that said, " You would rather blow that money on something like that, rather than add to your grand-kids college fund?"

I had a similar conversation with my training partner. Also a woman. Also a nurse, who has seen her share of death. Her name is Henri.

Me: I want to buy an expensive long sword.

Henri: Why? What are you going to do with it?

Me:  I don't know. Work out a long sword kata. Practice with it.

Henri: ( Looks at me as if to question my intelligence.)

Me; ( Scrambling to recover) It's an art object. ( Scrambling to recover even more.) Besides....If I die with it in my hand, I can go to Valhalla.

Henri: ( Raises a brow and looks at me.) Do you have any idea of what the odds are that you will die with a sword in your hand?

Me: I know what the odds are if I don't have one.

Historic Fencing Armory

Ready for dye ,polishing and sharpening.
Wrap in wet leather and then rap cord to make the indention in the grip.
Bind the grip with cord and glue to strengthen the wood.