Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stupid Vet Brain

Fenced at both my clubs this week. I did not fence that well, nor was I very good at my private lessons. With Coach Miller, I worked on my lunge and a beat to the forte; hit to the cuff; disengage and remise to the cuff. In an effort to remise, you must relax your arm after the disengage. I had the hardest time doing that. My body and mind just go into a "target-hit-it" kind of mode. Switching energy is hard for me to do. It is less a tempo change than an energy change. Not that I don't need to work on tempo changes as well.

Somewhere, when we were working on my lunge, ( It was more than that, but to difficult to explain) Coach was talking about my lunge and said, "Your blade work is so good." I think it had something to do with the distance and energy in my lunge not being adequate, but my blade work was good. I lost track of what he was saying for a moment, because Coach told me, "Your blade work is so good." I wanted to revile in that for a moment. Later, as I flubbed continually trying to relax my arm for the remise, I wondered what the heck he saw in my actions I wasn't seeing.  Coach told me, "Your blade work is so good." I just don't see it, yet I want to believe it.

Another example. My private lessons with Coach Toomey were hand shots and disengages. My disengages are almost always to big. Part of that is the stupid way I learned disengages when I started fencing. Circle the tip tight around the bell guard, as apposed to just "drop the tip". My weapon arm does not want to be constantly extending as I do some actions either. It is frustrating at times. Can I train my aging brain to fix bad things logged in muscle memory? Sometimes, I just want to say, " Hey Brian.....the only way I can make that tighter is if I try and throw a rope around the blades with my off weapon hand.." I mean dang......that looked pretty tight to me." Brian is seeing something I am not seeing.  That or he is just trying to see if he can make a vet fencers head explode. ( Note to Toomey: Not complaining or whining here. Grateful for all you do for me.)

Coach told me, "Your blade work is so good."  Maybe he is just seeing the things I do fairly well. "Takes" for example. I don't know. All I do know is that correcting actions that you have done wrong or poorly for a long period of time is one of the hardest things in fencing for me.

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