Friday, January 22, 2016

Snowed In

I have been rather prolific in recording in my journal of late. I am snowed in today, so I am at it again.

Various Thoughts

I wish there was a place on the web, where  people could record tales and stories about older fencing coaches before they are lost.  I can't be the only one who would be interested in such things.

I often hear tales from old coaches, were their coaches would beat there legs with blades when they made a mistake. That sort of thing. Training the way some mean, egotistical bastard trained them. I think about how I love fencing. But these students from (back in the day) must have REALLY loved it to put up with abuse at the hands of some of these old tyrants. Or perhaps they did not love it as much, but their desire to succeed was so great. I also wonder about fencing coaches from the past. There must have been some kind gentle souls back then as well, but I only hear about the mean bastards. Weird.

If I had a fencing club, I think I would have a spot for a " Fencing vocabulary word of the week".


Zebulon Phife said...

So glad to see someone not in the flower of youth take on fencing, proving it is a life long pursuit. I too had older instructors with horror stories of maniacal maestros and think that would be a worthwhile compilation. Now, to dive into your back catalogue.

cobalt said...

There were good instructors in the past. I can come up with a few. Problem is we always remember the horror stories cause of how weird they were