Tuesday, January 5, 2016


 January 12th, I will have been fencing 12 years. It is reflection time once again. The question for this anniversary is, "Have I been successful?"

It is at this point, someone will ask, "What do you mean by successful?" The answer is," I am not entirely sure."

Did I learn a great deal during these years and have some fun doing it?  Yep. Within the limitations of starting at 51 and starting in a dead zone for fencing, did I give it all I could have. "Pretty much.....I could have done a bit more." Did I give back to the sport and to my training partner who supported me? "Yes....I would say so." Did I have a high rating? "Nope."  Was I a good coach? Teamed with my training partner, I would say, in some respects "no" and in some respects, "yes". We were really good with the kids and balanced each other out so well. Questions like this go on and on.

The answer (I think) is ..........fairly.

Has it been worth the effort I put in to it? Yes....without a doubt.

Okay. Reflection time is over. I feel pretty good about it.

HEMA....kind of.

I saw some people knocking HEMA on Facebook this week. I took a 10 week Introduction to German Long Sword class. I enjoyed it. It hardly means I have any knowledge of HEMA. However, I don't see why people are knocking it. Particularly, if they haven't tried it.  The only reason I can see for some coaches knocking it, is that they may be competing against it for students dollars. I think I wrote this because I hate negativity.

I use to read a coaches blog. Knowledgeable  person, but he was so negative and intolerant of such little things, ( Non-fencing related...generally.) I quit reading his entries. I just don't see how anyone could be a good coach ( no matter how much they know) if they are intolerant and negative.

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