Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Back at It.

Went to the doctor. Took an epee with me to sell him with the "750 grams of pressure" ploy, so I could be released to fence. It worked. I can fence, though I will choose who I fence for a while. I don't think I want to risk colliding with some of the big boys.

I think I am done with long sword. The head is target for most drills, as few have proper protection any place else on the body. I did not know where I was going with it anyway. It was great fun, but nothing worth loosing an eye for. Between what I learned and watching some videos, I think I can put together a kata of some kind to practice (If I desire to do so.) and that will be the end of that. At least for a while.

Went to Chapel Hill and had a lesson with Coach. No fencing. Tomorrow, I head back to Charlotte and regular practice. Between injury; sickness and the holidays. I have gained some weight and I feel out of shape. I have been going to the gym of late, but I need to step up my efforts to see if I can get it together for the April NAC in Richmond.

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