Friday, December 11, 2015

Pointe d'arret

Fenced for the first time in a month last night in Charlotte. For me, I fenced fairly well. I was happy with it. I had worried about my injury and how the time off would effect my game.

There is a tournament next week. I had hoped to go, but a "family thing" will keep me from it. I want to train as much as I can for the April NAC and this would have been a good opportunity.


A bit over a month ago, I had a lesson with Coach Miller. He used the term "Pointe d'arret". I had forgotten what it meant. Or more to the point, I was thinking about the wrong definition. I was thinking, "A pronged device affixed to the blunt blade to better simulate a sharp and to facilitate the clear scoring of touches". Not a "stop hit", which isn't all that accurate a definition either. Coach is all about the language of fencing. It is his thing. ( Among many.) I have always loved this aspect of fencing as well. I use to be better at it, but I have not studied to refresh myself of late. I guess I only took it so far. For example, I never learned the French names for parries. I guess I should, but I find it less meaningful than other terminology.

When I retired from coaching at our little club, I did so with the intent of pursuing more training for myself and also to delve into other aspects of fencing. Vocabulary is something easy to add to the list and can be done from home. So, as of today, it is on my list to review.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Back at It.

Went to the doctor. Took an epee with me to sell him with the "750 grams of pressure" ploy, so I could be released to fence. It worked. I can fence, though I will choose who I fence for a while. I don't think I want to risk colliding with some of the big boys.

I think I am done with long sword. The head is target for most drills, as few have proper protection any place else on the body. I did not know where I was going with it anyway. It was great fun, but nothing worth loosing an eye for. Between what I learned and watching some videos, I think I can put together a kata of some kind to practice (If I desire to do so.) and that will be the end of that. At least for a while.

Went to Chapel Hill and had a lesson with Coach. No fencing. Tomorrow, I head back to Charlotte and regular practice. Between injury; sickness and the holidays. I have gained some weight and I feel out of shape. I have been going to the gym of late, but I need to step up my efforts to see if I can get it together for the April NAC in Richmond.