Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oh Well

Saturday, at long sword class, we were doing a drill were we allowed the student to hit us in the mask lightly with a two handed lunge. My partner didn't have much control or ability to judge distance and when he lunged he hit me full force right between they eyes. (Note: This was not malicious. And even a fencer with some skills can screw up. Also, this is a martial arts class. If you think you can do martial arts and have no risk of injury, you really didn't think it through well.)

If I had not had on a good mask, the blow would have knocked me out. As it was, it staggered me. I sat down for a few minutes and then continued the class.

Later that evening, I started seeing tiny specs of light out of the corner of my eye when I would turn my head. Went to the eye doctor on Monday. Long story short: If I don't want to risk loosing sight in the eye, I should not fence or take blows to the head for month. I probably have a mild concussion to go with the damaged goo in my eye. I will see how I am in a month.

I don't have anything to base it on other than my gut instinct, but I feel like I will eventually be okay and can fence again. Hope I am right.

So, I will miss the December North American Cup. Not the end of the world there. I was no where close to being a contender. It was mostly just to test myself in a couple of ways.

I think I am okay with taking some time off from fencing. I will just try and hit the gym more. I am going to miss the hell out of the social aspects.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Further on Down the Road. ( I think that is the title of a Clapton tune.)

Yesterday one of the coaches of my German long sword class made a post about a deal they had on buying steel tournament weapons. Who wants in? This is when it hit me. I don't know where I am going with the whole long sword thing. Paying 350 to 490 dollars for a weapon I  may never use in a tournament kind of brought it home. That is two or three pairs of Nike fencing shoes. ( I need new shoes.) Long sword equipment you need for actual tournaments is EXPENSIVE! Plus travel.

As I have recorded before, I have a dozen reasons for dabbling in long sword. But the best one is just to have some fun. I did not feel the same passion I felt when I picked up a fencing weapon for the first time.

I don't have to decide right now where I am going with the long sword class. It is a ten week class. I will look at it down the road and figure it out.

The reason I posted this in my journal is that through long sword, I see what it is like to be a recreational fencer. ( Not that I am some great competitive fencer.)  It is okay to want to do something like this and have no real goals of competition. Not everyone needs to have the drive and passion. It is fine just to want to have fun and follow the path to see where it takes you.