Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just Some Stuff

Charlotte Fencing Academy Tournament

Medaled in an event. It was not a hard tournament ( C and Under) and I was blessed by the pool fairy. Still, I got some confidence back .  Also, a long held goal of gaining a medal at a CHFA event was realized.

Reviewing Tournament Results

This morning, I spent a little time reviewing tournament results on Ask Fred for the event I fenced. My event, was not as interesting as the open. ( I was spent by the time the open came around and the field was just to strong for me. So, I took my Vet 60 butt home.)  The main surprise in my event was my young teammate winning. He certainly deserved it and I was proud of him. His rating does not reflect his ability.

The open was more interesting. Things that just should not have happened....happened. It is so often the case in epee events. There were bouts that should have never ended this way. There were lessons in humility. And I may be witnessing something so rare in fencing.....a "natural". To me, it is just fascinating.


Wesley said...

Congratulations! You mentioned that the medal was a goal of yours...what other goals have you set?

Jim Kent said...

These may sound a bit strange. 1. Keep my hand down when doing circle six. .Keep my hand and point down when I lunge. (Hard to explain here about refining technical actions.) 3. Come to grips with my ego and fear as far as competing. ( Again, hard to explain. When you start fencing at 51, you fence mostly kids decades younger or at NACs people with decades more experience. You cannot always hope to do well. I need to let the ego go and just have fun. Don't take it so seriously.)4. Most likely, at some point there will be a vet event with in the division. I want to give a good account of myself. I do not have to medal, just fence well. 5 I want to study several aspects of fencing not related to competing. IE. Amory; coaching....that sort of thing. 6. Make my actions tighter and smaller. 7. Stay lower when I fence. 8. May never happen, but I would like to be a Moniteur de Historic in the USFCA. 9. I may want to dabble in foil and try a low rated foil event. I have some more...but you get the idea.

cobalt said...

If you told me Tahj was going to come out of that side of the bracket before those DEs began, I would have called you a liar... and I'm his coach :P

Holy crap did he get some stuff in order in a hurry. It's scary to think about this: That's his 3rd tournament. Unfortunately, I only get him for a year since he's a senior.

Even happier though is this: He's been kind of in the shadows of his younger brother, even though he was the one that wanted to fence in the first place. Talk about coming out of those shadows... damn. If any school wants to take a flyer out on a kid... that's it.

I will say, he's not completely a natural... though he is tall and long. He puts an immense amount of work in. Both him and his brother Ty are two of the hardest working students I've got (And that's saying something... I've got a lot of hard working students right now)

Other happy thought: You and your training partner had one of the best tourneys I've seen. There was some definite "Vetting" used by both of you.