Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Simple Things

Fenced in Chapel Hill tonight and it was one hot gym.  Fenced poorly, but had a good lesson.

After all this time of watching Coach give lessons, which truly fascinates me, I asked a question.

"Coach, why do you change sides with a student periodically, when you are not out of room on the strip?"

This may seem simple to a lot of fencers, but it eluded me.

He explained to me. After all this time, I finally ask a question about something I have witnessed for years. I can't believe I never asked long ago.

Sometimes it is the simple things that are the most fascinating  thing about this sport.


Wesley said...

What was his answer??

Jim Kent said...

He switches sides (and this is not a direct quote, but just as I remember it) to let a frustrated fencer reset....or an over zealous fencer calm down....just to give the student a chance to gain focus and go again....things along that line. Sometimes he does it to let himself rest. He needs a minute.

Jim Kent said...

Sometimes he needs to reset as well.

artrix said...

I finally asked the same question a while ago - same answer. After watching for years, I wonder if this is something on his natural radar now - doesn't even have to think about it - it just happens like blinking? It reminds me of dancing. Which he loves to do.