Monday, August 31, 2015

Yes and No


I have not had much to record of late, but that seems to be changing.

After retiring from my little coaching job ( In an effort to study fencing and fencing like stuff I wish to pursue.), I am taking a look at how that is going.

I went to a clinic. I have added going to fence at Chapel Hill to my regular routine of going to fence in Charlotte. I am happy about both and it is what I planed on.

Starting in September, I hope to take a long sword class at Mid-South on Sundays. I know fencers that will wrinkle up their noses at this, but it is something I have always wanted to do. The coach says he doesn't know a great deal. He is learning as well. But he knows more than me and I am good with that. It is within driving distance.

There are about a half dozen reasons I want to do this. I started to record them here, however I think it might be baring my soul a bit to much.

I need to order equipment. I hope this works out!


I had talked with Jeff about swapping out being a Divisional observer at a couple of Mid-South tournaments in exchange for lessons. Seemed good to me. I checked with the Division chair to make sure that was on the up and up and found out that as I did not observe last year, I would have to go to training again. In essence, I would need to waste a day, so I could go to tournaments and do next to nothing, thus wasting other days. Nope. Not going to do it. It would seem to me, that if you are going to have a training program, you are going to have to write out the information covered. Why not just send a packet of information/instructions to those few who wish to be observers and give them phone numbers and e-mails if they have any questions? Fencers are generally smart people.....maybe not well adjusted....but generally intelligent. What you need to know to observe is not hard. Really.

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