Monday, August 3, 2015


This weekend I went to a clinic in Columbia, SC with Jane Littman and Michael Tarascio. It was a good clinic. Very small. Only six people, most of the time, which is good. I learned something or more to the point, I have something I want to work on. Maybe a couple of things.

I don't get much out of most clinics I attend. I never expect much. The way I see it, it is  a couple of days extra practice crammed into one day. In the case of this clinic, there was lots of one on one attention. Another reason it was good.

Jane wants me to change my en guard. Up to this point, I thought it was okay. She wants me to not be facing forward as much. More of a classical en guard (not quite) so as to have less target area showing. Makes sense. I have broad shoulders and I am a big target. I was thinking my en guard was more dynamic. She also wanted me to keep my weapon hand with my thumb always at 1:00. There are times when I (or I am supposed to) turn my thumb to one o'clock when I make the hit, but I do not start off that way. I don't know if do it when bouting. My mind is on other things. So to go to Jane's way would require a lot of work on my part to change. I also feel a bit off balance with my feet more in line. As you age, your balance diminishes. It is something I need to think about.

Now here is the rub. I almost never go to clinic kind of thing were I don't think the instructor knows more than me. There have been a couple of times, were I thought I knew more about epee than the instructor, but only a couple. So Jane knows more than I do. This is a given. However, before I work hard to change my en guard, I want to talk to my coach/coaches and my training partner. I will get there input and then make my own decision.  Eventually, you have to choose and pick when you may be getting conflicting instruction on anything. Eventually, you must start thinking for yourself after discussion with those who you respect.


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