Thursday, January 1, 2015

On the Bench

The other night, as my hand is still resting from injury, I had a lesson in coaching from my coach.
It was fantastic. His ability is so far above my own. I learned and/or remembered a lot.

Test for Prevost. What was I thinking? Thanks for saving me hundreds of dollars and embarrassment. I had never tried to give a lesson like he does. When I did. I was to fast, often my posture was wrong and I was nervous to do so in front of him. I kind of sucked.

Now to be fair to myself. the kids/folks I give lessons to are far below the level of the class that Toomey teaches on our nights together. Most don't even want to do drills. If I give a private lesson I try to keep it around 10 minutes. They can't handle much more. ( I will mention again, our club is almost totally recreational. Once when we tried to make it more competitive, almost all the members quit.) I am okay with it being low level and recreational. I don't have to work as hard. As I do not get paid, working harder does not appeal to me.  Also, I suspect by this summer, I will end my coaching at this club. If I start again, I will start one that is more competitive. I would like to see what I could produce in  that regard.

My injured hand is stiff, but doe not hurt much. I hope to fence next week and take a real lesson. It has been awful watching people fence and just sitting there. I WANT TO PLAY!


cobalt said...

There wouldn't be any embarassment. From what I've seen/heard, it's more about following the certification guidelines. Like any certification in any field, it's basically chasing paper.

Wiktorjohnson said...

I am totally agree with @cobalt it's basically chasing paper!!