Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hand and a Lot of Money

Damn Damaged Hand

My weapon hand is better, but not good. I have not fenced in a week and a half. Flicks are out of the question, I have babied it. Tomorrow night, I will find out how it is in practice.

 There is a small vet event at the coast this weekend, I hope to compete. I will be the oldest guy in this event ( I think that a lady fencing will be the oldest. I could be wrong.) and I would like to give a decent account of myself.  I will just need to see how I am on Friday.


There is a coaching clinic in February within driving distance. I keep wrestling with the idea  of
testing for Prevot. I don't seem to have a good reason to do it though.

My reasons, so far are:
1. Training and reviewing would be of value.
2. I am closer to the end of my fencing journey, than the beginning. ( I think.) I would like to achieve what I can in that time. This might be something I could achieve.
3. Might make some new fencing friends or contacts.

On the other hand, I think it would cost me about $750.00 to take the test and clinic. Various testing fees, membership, hotels and gas.....that sort of thing. That is a lot to pay for a piece of paper. Dollar wise, it is a lot of fencing equipment I could use. It is a canoe. ( I have been wanting a canoe of late.)

It is also a lot of money you could spend and not get a piece of paper. That would be a bummer. I have no more idea what testing for this would be like than Moniteur. Moniteur was easy. How much harder is this? No clue.

Another downside is that my training partner would have no interest in spending the money to do this. She is all about competing. I had thoughts of both of us doing this and then we could certify the people that wanted Moniteur certification around our division.. There are folks near by that want it. I wanted it. It is nice to have something that shows you have had some training, though in truth, almost no one will ask you about it.

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