Thursday, December 11, 2014

Father and Son

Monday night, a UNC fencer passed away. I did not know him well, but I liked him. He had a ready smile and keen mind. He was 62. The same age as me. His 14 year old son fences with us in Greensboro.

I often hope that my grandchildren will fence. It is fine if they do not. It is not for everyone. I think my desire for them to fence comes from  wanting them to know me. Know me after I am gone or before I become a feeble old man. I can think of no other sport were you can glimpse into the character of others like this one. I can think of no other sport were so many of us are connected. You were a student of one coach, but moved to other clubs. You were a fencer who studied with a coach and then you had a child who studied with students of the same coach. The list of possible entanglements and webs of connection go on and on.

I have thought about telling the UNC Fencer's son, who passed away, that he can know his father through fencing, But I will not. It is something only he can figure out

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