Saturday, November 29, 2014

Old KIcked In. Damn it!

Yesterday, Black Friday. I fenced in a small tournament. I went in with a lot of things hurting and left with a lot more hurting. Small event...nice medals though. I fenced like an old man. I mean older than usual. I have been sick and I am injured. I hope that was part of it. I am not ready to hang it up.

A former student, who became a teammate and now trains at another club was there, We tied for 3rd. She and her mom took me out for lunch after the event. Nice conversation.  She is a senior this year. It came up that we may not meet again. She and her mom gave me a good hug when we parted ways. I had never hugged either of them. It was nice. I feel fortunate that  so many of the young people I have been close with in fencing are often so intelligent and talented. I feel like I have been blessed in that. Perhaps more than most.

I don't know why I felt this was important to record in my journal. There is some meaning here for me. Perhaps a signal of endings and partings.