Monday, September 22, 2014


A couple of post back in my journal, I commented that I would most likely post my results until I did not do well in an event. This weekend, I fenced on the coast in a tournament. In the words of a former wheelchair fencer friend of mine, " I stunk out loud."

In my own defense, I was exhausted. But even at my best I could not have defeated a couple of these kids. They are just to fast and skilled for me. What bothers me a bit is I did not fence well. Did I disrupt their prep? Nope. Could I figure out how to flick or get hand shots ? Nope. Did I do second intention actions? Nada. If they were primarily a foilist, did I make actions to offset their game? Nope. Did I get hit by the same counter attack four times in a row without adapting. Yep.

Okay...I did not do well. It will not be the last time it happens. Here is the really weird thing. It did not bother me very much. I am the type of fencer that when this happens, I beat myself up over it for days. If it happens twice in a row, I go into a kind of fencer depression. This time it did not bother me. I am a bit embarrassed.  I hate I fenced like that in front of the ref,  because I know him.
Other than that, I does not bother me very much. Could it be that I finally do not judge my self worth as a person or ability as a fencer by a few minutes on strip? Nahhh. I am not that smart. I truly think it is something else. I have no idea what.

Prior to this tournament, I had been happy that in the first three events of the season, I had fenced consistently above mediocre. Consistency. I don't know what I was thinking. If you are a great/very good fencer ( I have my own idea about what makes a great/very good fencer. You may not share that view.) then consistency is/may be of importance. At my level of ability, it is meaningless. Epee tournaments have to many variables. Who you get in pools. Who you draw for your first DE. I have no way to statistically prove this, but I think it may be even more random for vet fencers. May not. I tend to watch the results of vet fencers in my division. Unless they are one of the gods, results seem to swing a great deal. Not sure about this. It warrants further attention.


Anonymous said...

just came across your blog I will be moving to Cary NC in January I am an over 60 veteran epee fencer that has competed in all the NACs and 1 world veteran championship. I would like to know where I can continue fencing once I make the move to NC

Anonymous said...

If you're moving to Cary, NC, you have a few clubs within 25 miles of Cary that all have at least some epee: Apex Fencing Academy, Raleigh Fencers Club, Mid-South Fencers' Club in Durham, and NCFDP in Chapel Hill. See for links to the clubs. I'd recommend visiting all of them to see how you like the club space, club and class structure, etc.

Happy fencing!

Jim Kent said...

I have sent a couple of e-mails back and forth with Joel. I gave him the web site links to all the clubs that Anonymous mentioned and my thoughts on each club. I also recommended that he try them all. He doesn't mind a long drive. so he is adding Charlotte Fencing Academy to the list.