Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Like the " Little Engine That Could"

Last night we ( Coaches of the Greensboro Fencers' Club) had a dinner meeting. I really thought that it might be the end of our little club because of various circumstances of the coaches. It wasn't.

It is on for another year.

We  fixed it so I only have to be there once a week. This was a good compromise, even though it will mean a longer session for me. I was torn. I wanted to have more time to work on MY fencing, yet I would miss so many of our kids and parents. With this schedule I should be able to get to Chapel Hill once in a while for some extra practice as well as going to Charlotte.  You never know( at my age) how long you have left to fence.  I want to give the remaining time my all. I think I will be happy.

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