Saturday, June 7, 2014

Found It.

Last night, I fenced at Mid-South. I paid a strip fee and just fenced ( Nice little group of epeeist there. Good people.). As I was leaving, Darius Wei, said good bye and told me that the time to train for Nationals was back a few months and not now. (Something like that.) I said something like, "You do what you can." I don't have a clue what made him think I had not been training months in advance. I did not elaborate that my being at Mid-South had very little to do with going to Nationals at all. I was on holiday. A fencing holiday.

With shutting the Greensboro Club down for two months, I was free this week to go fence some different places. For a change, all I had to think about was me. I fenced in Chapel Hill, had a lesson with Coach Miller. There is a fencer at Mid-South, a young man I enjoy fencing. As I hoped ,we got to bout a couple of times. Got my usual thrashing from Kyle. Nice guy, worried about me not getting my moneys worth or something. In fact, I like the whole Baraj family. Cool folks. Sadly, I did not make it to my home club in Charlotte to train with Toomey or the week would have been complete.

I was on Holiday. I found my love for fencing again, by going to different places to fence. A change of pace, no worries about club communications or the armory work that needs to be done. Fencing was adventurous again. 

I woke up this morning before five, thinking about fencing. Seems bad, but it wasn't. In the early years my mind was always thinking about fencing. I had that again. Several things to ponder. One leading to another. My mind was a wash with fencing. Just like the old days. I loved it.

I think I just needed some "me time". To have fun with fencing again and not worry about fencing related things.

Maybe I never was loosing my love for fencing. Maybe it was just buried under a bunch of junk and I couldn't see it.