Monday, March 17, 2014

Utterly Random Thoughts

Yesterday, I went to another club that offers a once a month bouting practice for anyone that wants to come. I attend these often. It is a great way to fence fencers with different styles and work on things outside of a truly competitive environment. (I tend to be more conservative in my actions in an actual tournament.) I fenced well. It occurred to me, that I have never felt like I fenced "great". Not ever. "Great" being a term relative to my own abilities. You can rest assured if I ever hit that mark, I will post it here,

I am not sure ( I don't want to be to optimistic.),but I think I am fencing better lately. I feel like I may have inched up to another plateau. Not a big one. Just one a little higher than where I was. Maybe. Maybe not.

Young fencers with no personality and no social skills use to annoy me. For some reason, I am starting to find them entertaining. I can't say the same for adult fencers.

Fencers are NOT a cross section of the American population. I have no way to document this. It is based only on observation.

RoW weapons get lots more clinics than epee.

If you go to club or a tournament, your equipment does not need a chair. It is very happy and comfortable on a floor.

I am not sure about this, but I seem to run into a number of fencers of various ages that do not seem to have a firm grasp of the vocabulary of fencing. It takes a lot of time to say " that circle thingie where you ride the blade in".

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cobalt said...

Congrats on achieving a bunch of goals. Proud of you.

Young fencers with no personality can be taught to have one, I've proven this. Adult fencers...yeah... tend to agree unless there's a massive shift of mindset.

Agreed about the lack of cross section, in a bunch of different ways.

I should start calling in some friends...

Terminology is important. It's the only way I can explain things in a quick situation. I've occasionally pulled a pop quiz and started lessons by quickly explaining what I want with words to see if they're paying attention :P "Ok, I want you to bind the blade in 8 and disengage to 6 and finish."