Friday, March 14, 2014

Dilemma Delux

In this post I am pretty much talking to myself. 

In a month or so, there is a great opportunity to attend a coaching clinic at Duke University.   The instructors are Darius Wei; Jack Huchwadja and Alex Beguinet. ( Impressive instructors.) Part of my dilemma is that it is a foil and sabre coaching clinic. I have no skill in RoW weapons, though according to Darius the clinic would translate well into coaching epee. Here is the rub.  When I first started fencing Alex Beguinet helped me a great deal. He offered a lot of clinics locally and he was my instructor at the now defunct Coaches College. ( Oddly enough, I went for foil. It was level one, which means you just know a few basics and while I passed, I knew I was still very poor at it. I took foil  at Coaches  College as the club in Greensboro was loosing a foil coach and I wanted to be able to help out.. But I digress.) 

 Like everyone I know, I admire Alex Beguinet. He is one of the coolest people on the planet. If I took this clinic, I would look like I had not learned anything in the seven or so years since I worked with him. I would be so embarrassed and I would so much prefer to have Alex think that I had gained some small amount of skill.

Darius said there was a good chance they would have another clinic for epee. However, as we all know, sometimes these things do not work out.

As much as I look for any opportunity to learn what ever I can related to fencing, part of attending a clinic at Duke would be to see Alex again. He has most likely forgotten my name by now. I see him and shake his hand at the Duke Home Meet every year, but he is working and there is no time to talk with him.

I dabble in foil and saber when the opportunity arises. I have to do so, as it is covered in our local clubs "Introduction to Fencing" which I help teach. Even if I had all the time and money in the world, I do not think (at my age) taking up another weapon makes any sense. And even though there are things I admire in the RoW weapons, they are not my beloved epee.

Like I said, in this post I am mostly talking to myself and trying to figure things out. After rambling on, I think that I am going try and hold out and hope that the epee clinic comes through. That would be fun;useful and not embarrassing

Hope I am making the right decision..

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