Sunday, March 23, 2014


Second weight lost goal achieved. Over by about a half a pound. I haven't eaten this morning, so it might go back up. IT STILL COUNTS!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Utterly Random Thoughts

Yesterday, I went to another club that offers a once a month bouting practice for anyone that wants to come. I attend these often. It is a great way to fence fencers with different styles and work on things outside of a truly competitive environment. (I tend to be more conservative in my actions in an actual tournament.) I fenced well. It occurred to me, that I have never felt like I fenced "great". Not ever. "Great" being a term relative to my own abilities. You can rest assured if I ever hit that mark, I will post it here,

I am not sure ( I don't want to be to optimistic.),but I think I am fencing better lately. I feel like I may have inched up to another plateau. Not a big one. Just one a little higher than where I was. Maybe. Maybe not.

Young fencers with no personality and no social skills use to annoy me. For some reason, I am starting to find them entertaining. I can't say the same for adult fencers.

Fencers are NOT a cross section of the American population. I have no way to document this. It is based only on observation.

RoW weapons get lots more clinics than epee.

If you go to club or a tournament, your equipment does not need a chair. It is very happy and comfortable on a floor.

I am not sure about this, but I seem to run into a number of fencers of various ages that do not seem to have a firm grasp of the vocabulary of fencing. It takes a lot of time to say " that circle thingie where you ride the blade in".

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dilemma Delux

In this post I am pretty much talking to myself. 

In a month or so, there is a great opportunity to attend a coaching clinic at Duke University.   The instructors are Darius Wei; Jack Huchwadja and Alex Beguinet. ( Impressive instructors.) Part of my dilemma is that it is a foil and sabre coaching clinic. I have no skill in RoW weapons, though according to Darius the clinic would translate well into coaching epee. Here is the rub.  When I first started fencing Alex Beguinet helped me a great deal. He offered a lot of clinics locally and he was my instructor at the now defunct Coaches College. ( Oddly enough, I went for foil. It was level one, which means you just know a few basics and while I passed, I knew I was still very poor at it. I took foil  at Coaches  College as the club in Greensboro was loosing a foil coach and I wanted to be able to help out.. But I digress.) 

 Like everyone I know, I admire Alex Beguinet. He is one of the coolest people on the planet. If I took this clinic, I would look like I had not learned anything in the seven or so years since I worked with him. I would be so embarrassed and I would so much prefer to have Alex think that I had gained some small amount of skill.

Darius said there was a good chance they would have another clinic for epee. However, as we all know, sometimes these things do not work out.

As much as I look for any opportunity to learn what ever I can related to fencing, part of attending a clinic at Duke would be to see Alex again. He has most likely forgotten my name by now. I see him and shake his hand at the Duke Home Meet every year, but he is working and there is no time to talk with him.

I dabble in foil and saber when the opportunity arises. I have to do so, as it is covered in our local clubs "Introduction to Fencing" which I help teach. Even if I had all the time and money in the world, I do not think (at my age) taking up another weapon makes any sense. And even though there are things I admire in the RoW weapons, they are not my beloved epee.

Like I said, in this post I am mostly talking to myself and trying to figure things out. After rambling on, I think that I am going try and hold out and hope that the epee clinic comes through. That would be fun;useful and not embarrassing

Hope I am making the right decision..

Monday, March 3, 2014


Almost a month from when I achieved my first weight goal and I am still working on the last 5 pounds. ( Which is goal number two.) I am around 2 pounds away from that goal, but so far I am not able to cross the line. My weight can vary a couple of pounds depending upon when I weigh.

Working out is going well. I noticed today that my shoulders are rather defined. I did my shoulder routine yesterday. Maybe that had something to do with it. Depending on if I suck it in and hold it up, I can look pretty good in my bathroom mirror. If I relax totally, I look pretty much like I picture a the average 62 year old male. It is very hard to evaluate progress.  In the end, it is not about looking better, but moving better. The looking good days have long since pasted.

My last practice, I fenced fairly well and consistently.  My lesson was good and I moved pretty well. My knees are better and I can once again run up stairs. ( Okay...Run might be a slight exaggeration.) I need another couple of practices to see if my fencing is improving. I could have just had a good night and my fitness program and improved knees might not be coming into play.

Back to the weight loss goal. I guess I need to exercise more and eat less...or better. What I really need is to talk to someone that has knowledge about fitness and and exercise for guys over sixty. Useful information on the web sort of ends after forty years of age.It also is so generalized that it cannot take in to account personal positive or negative attributes. The trainers at my gym are 'jack legs". This type of discussion would be  above them.

If I get the chance, I will talk to people I think are knowledgeable enough to help me. If not, I will need to figure it out on my own.