Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thanks Henri

Yesterday, I talked to a man who was the oldest male to compete regularly in epee in our Division.  Various surgeries have taken him out of the game. As near as I can figure, that makes me the oldest male who competes regularly in epee in our Division. It is a dubious honor.

I talked to a fellow vet a while ago who is in his late fifties. He said he did not see how a few years could make a difference between us.. I saw a video of a vet 70 fencer the other day. His legs and footwork are better than mine. All I know is shortly after turning 60, things in my legs kind of took a nose dive. I guess it depends on the individual. In the words of Indiana Jones, " It is not the years, it is the mileage." Boy! Have I got the mileage

My knees were bad a from late fall to the first of this year. I mean they were BAD. I was ready to give up on myself. I think my coach was as well. Fortunately, that is were my training partner stepped in. She made New Year resolutions for me!  It was a bit after New Year, but New Year resolutions just the same.  I have followed them as best I can. I have worked out very hard. I have changed the way I eat. ( Most of the time. I am still working on this.) I hit my first weight loss goal the other day of about with a weight loss of somewhere between 8 and 10 lbs.. My knees are a lot better. I added stretching to my workout routine and more cardio, I have a bunch of hard things to work on to help me physically. They are very hard and I can only hope I follow through with my plans.

It is difficult to know what to expect in your sixties. I remember working out in my forties. I had  to work twice as hard for half the results. I cannot even guess what this means at my age.

Generally, I try not to mention tournament results in my journal. However, about a week ago I finished 6th in a field of 32 in a tournament in South Carolina. Not a bad result.....not great...but not bad. I am torn by letting that give me some confidence and the cold hard truth that my results depend largely on the ratio of the good fencing young guns in the event. I have all but given up on a rating goal that I have had for years. It was such a small one. Often you will hear that you can fence smarter and take out some of the kids. Sadly, they are smart as well. So my next event could be a bust, but I am feeling stronger.

I am so thankful for my training partner. Thanks to her, I am not ready to give up on myself and fencing. Thanks Henri!

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