Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jim vs Knees

The first step in my attempt to help my knees and subsequently help my fencing at the same time is complete.

Down somewhere between 8 and 10 pounds in less than three weeks. The next goal is around 5 pounds away, but it will be harder.

Knees feel much better. I am taking MSM/Glucosamine. ( I never believed in this , as I had tried it before. However, all I had to loose was a bit of money.) I am working out hard. A lot of leg work and cardio. My weight is down a tad. What is making the difference, I cannot tell you.

I am uncertain how sustainable my diet and exercise regiment can be. More to the point, if I must increase exercise, I am not sure where that time will come from. I spend about an hour and half working out 4 or 5 days a week now. I think more than that might be over training. I could do split routines, as I did when I was younger, but there just isn't time. I coach twice a week ; get my own training once a week and there is generally some kind of practice or tournament most weekends.

Parts of my diet are sustainable. I am trying to eat slower and watch portion size. However, somewhere down the road, Chinese and Vietnamese food will call to me. When it does, portion control is just going to have to take a holiday.

When the weather warms up a bit, I may add walking to the exercise program. If you read about exercise programs for folks in their sixties, walking is going to pop up. I tend to think my body can handle a lot more than some 60 year old guys from a weight training perspective. I really do not think that is misplaced ego talking. Endurance wise, I have got a lot to work on. One of the most fun and interesting things ( And perhaps the only one.) is that I love to experiment with working out these days. It keeps me motivated.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thanks Henri

Yesterday, I talked to a man who was the oldest male to compete regularly in epee in our Division.  Various surgeries have taken him out of the game. As near as I can figure, that makes me the oldest male who competes regularly in epee in our Division. It is a dubious honor.

I talked to a fellow vet a while ago who is in his late fifties. He said he did not see how a few years could make a difference between us.. I saw a video of a vet 70 fencer the other day. His legs and footwork are better than mine. All I know is shortly after turning 60, things in my legs kind of took a nose dive. I guess it depends on the individual. In the words of Indiana Jones, " It is not the years, it is the mileage." Boy! Have I got the mileage

My knees were bad a from late fall to the first of this year. I mean they were BAD. I was ready to give up on myself. I think my coach was as well. Fortunately, that is were my training partner stepped in. She made New Year resolutions for me!  It was a bit after New Year, but New Year resolutions just the same.  I have followed them as best I can. I have worked out very hard. I have changed the way I eat. ( Most of the time. I am still working on this.) I hit my first weight loss goal the other day of about with a weight loss of somewhere between 8 and 10 lbs.. My knees are a lot better. I added stretching to my workout routine and more cardio, I have a bunch of hard things to work on to help me physically. They are very hard and I can only hope I follow through with my plans.

It is difficult to know what to expect in your sixties. I remember working out in my forties. I had  to work twice as hard for half the results. I cannot even guess what this means at my age.

Generally, I try not to mention tournament results in my journal. However, about a week ago I finished 6th in a field of 32 in a tournament in South Carolina. Not a bad result.....not great...but not bad. I am torn by letting that give me some confidence and the cold hard truth that my results depend largely on the ratio of the good fencing young guns in the event. I have all but given up on a rating goal that I have had for years. It was such a small one. Often you will hear that you can fence smarter and take out some of the kids. Sadly, they are smart as well. So my next event could be a bust, but I am feeling stronger.

I am so thankful for my training partner. Thanks to her, I am not ready to give up on myself and fencing. Thanks Henri!