Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kid's First Tournament

This weekend I went with some of our fencers to their first tournament. They did well and more importantly they had fun.  They came away with a little experience and I came away with a  list of stuff for them to work on.

Something happened to me, that must happen to coaches frequently, but was a new experience for me.

I had several parents come up and offer me advise to give to my kids. It was always well intentioned....well...except for one jerk.....but it was often goofy and on one occasion...illegal. I always thought I at least looked like coach. I guess I just look like a kid's grandfather. Maybe I should wear a fencing t-shirt next time.

Igor ( One of the coaches of the host club) has built his own scoring boxes. WOW! I had no idea anyone I knew could do such a thing. Best of all, you can turn off the noise when sabre and foilist hook up. That alone makes the world a better place.