Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Post?

I think this might be my last post in my journal. I am not sure,but it might be.

Mostly, when I get the urge to record theses days, it is either whining or complaining. I don't like doing either one.

I have no wisdom to impart. I don't know why in the heck I thought a journal of a man who started fencing at 51 might interest someone. It is just not that interesting.

The more I learn about fencing, the less I have to say about it. That might be a good thing. I am not sure yet.

This journal might be more interesting if it had happy endings. Man works hard. Man accomplishes goal. Thunderous applause.. This is real life. I have four goals in fencing. Not the little ones like being better technically. They are a little larger than that,but not terribly large. The truth of the matter is that it is looking like they will never happen. This isn't whining. It is just fact. There are a great many fencers and coaches that could have been better. They could have attained higher goals. They just ran out of time and money. At 60, time and money are not on my side. legs aren't even on my side.

I guess that is all.

Goodbye and have fun fencing.


artrix said...

Well golly gee whiz. I don't have ANY experience other than fencing with straws at restaurants. But here goes.

I love the SOUND, the thinking that I know has to happen because I WATCH intensely. I feel this is a sport with passion because it pushes so many buttons that I imagine, and of course those buttons I can not imagine.

I have met many older X fencers including my husband. His knees blew out years ago and coupled with a compressed disk in his spine I am surprised we do not have stock in Ibuprofen. Coaching and traveling have taken a toll, but I don't think that weighs too heavily against his chosen career. Maybe because I see how much Ron loves this sport, I think everyone should love it as much?

I know it's expensive and travel is a premium if you intend to rack up points. Anydamnway, I guess I get a free ride to events because of serious nepotism. It's a good thing I was not a fencing Mom or fencer. I'd be broke for sure.

So here comes the big butt. You knew it was coming. I like the PEOPLE, the chatter, the excitement of kids preparing. Every event just has has... what? Something.
I have met some of the best people in my whole Life, one of them YOU, through fencing. And you of all people know it took me years to feel comfy, and you helped me that, too. To think your smiling face won't be at events, well, sucks. I hope this is a temporary burn-out - God knows you're entitled.

Also, I understand when we stop loving something in our lives, and hold on anyway, it can be a disaster. So my next thought is, after I selfishly vent about your absence in the sport, is... what next? We know, another door opens. And I concede that something else bigger and better calls you. I know you are so important to your family, and sometimes that has to rule.

You know I am forever curious and it is my biggest and best fault.

And for the record, your blog helped me understand an underbelly of fencing and fencers that no one else has bothered or had time to share...

I wish you Love and Peace whatever you do. I hope it is FUN. I am 60 too, and I must accept the pains and crap of aging. Even though I am slow etc., there is plenty to do. I hope you will re-consider blogging even if you give up fencing. Every now and then, I get a cup of something yummy and sit down to catch up with my good friend Jim Kent. Don't make me have to look for another wonderful version of you.

The Gray Epee said...
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The Gray Epee said...


I am not quiting fencing. I just do not seem to have much to say about it anymore.

I am not giving up. Not yet.

Thanks for the kind words.


Bruce Kawaguchi said...

I have personally enjoyed your posts and hope that you will still, at least occasionally, share a bit of yourself with us pokers. I had my first lesson a month after I turned 60. I am 63 now. A long slow process, but one that I hope to be involved with for at least a few more years. I have done well in two other sports but this one is the greatest challenge. I suppose if it was easy, I would become bored. Joy and frustration. It is great. I just enjoyed sharing your journey.


The Gray Epee said...

Thanks Bruce. I am glad you are on your fencing journey.

Two days after I posted that this is my last post, I thought of things I wanted to record or say.

So I guess it isn't over. I most likely will sneak backa nd post something when no one is looking. : )

Lance K said...

I've never commented on your posts before--which is a shame, I suppose.

I just wanted to let you know that I have always enjoyed your posts. As someone who started fencing at age 40, I can relate to a lot that you have to say.