Monday, September 3, 2012

Small Goals

I fenced in my second tournament of the season at the University of North Carolina. As I watched the event fill up on Ask Fred, I gave some thought to not going, as the field just seemed to much for me.
It was not just the number of "A" and "B" fencers in this 34 person field. It was even the "U" fencers. One was an "A" rated foilist and one from out of the country, I heard, was rated 85th in the world.

 Another aspect to this was that Coach saw me fence at the State Games and he was kind of proud of me. I was concerned he might be disappointed in my results up against his team. In the end, my desire to see Coach and Susun won out. I went. I was eighth out of pools. For me that sounds pretty good. The truth is that the pool fairy smiled on me and I had the easiest pool in the event. It happens....just not nearly enough. I am pausing here to allow myself to think I did pretty good here, even though I really know about the easy pool thing  The rest puts things in perspective.

I was 8th out of pools fencing the 25th fencer out of pools. I had beaten him the last time I fenced him . ( Last season) One of my teammates (a vet female fencer) did well against him in pools. Moments in to the bout I am down 3-1 and my touch was a double. In fact, most of my touches in the bout were doubles and there weren't many of those. I got waxed. It has been a while sense I have not won my first DE.

Well...why did you loose Jim? I am not totally sure. I first thought it might be a case of me being way over confident. That might have played into it. But I think the bigger part of it, was he fences more like one of his teammates these days, which I lost to in my season opener. a certain explosiveness. I don't know how to handle this type of kid. Maybe I can't handle this type of kid. I have one in Charlotte now, that fences in a similar manner. I will experiment on him. We will see what happens.

So..........................I did not place well in the tournament. On the other hand, UNC, gives out little plaques for juniors and vet fencers. I got the first place vet award. In respect to the competition, it was nothing. There were only 3 over forty people fencing.  Still it means a lot to me. I will never medal in one of the UNC events. Yet, like Charlotte, this club is also my home. I want something on my wall to show that I fenced there. I am not sure why that is important to me, but it is.

Later this month, I will try to get something with a green and white ribbon. That is important to me as well. Small dreams...small goals.....but inportant to me.