Monday, August 27, 2012

First Tournament of the Season

 I fenced in my first tournament for the season in Wilmington.

Positive spin: I finished in the top 8, as I placed 7th.

Hidden truths: There were only 19 people.

Negative spin: I stunk in pools and fell short once more in a rating change.

Hidden truths: I fenced fairly well in DE's.

Realistic spin: Mediocre result

Hidden truths: None

I Might Have Screwed UP

I accepted a job at this tournament for the Division. I had always maintained that I would NEVER be involved in any Division post or be a Division office. ( Note: When I first started fencing, people in my club were Division officers and I heard way to much criticism and nit picky crud from people within the Division about what they were doing.  I don't need that in my life.)

Sadly, in a moment of weakness, I allowed myself to be put on the Nominating Committee. Most of the people at the Division Meeting where from coastal clubs and they needed someone from the Western part of the Division. I was not in attendance in the meeting. I was wisely playing with my grandson at the beach. I was assured that this was the easiest position within the Division.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Half Season Goals

Last Thursday night, Coach Toomey had us set goals for the first half of the season. A couple of  them are just ordinary things an epeeist might work on, however some are a little strange.

For one, I have a rating goal. Every decent coach will tell you that you should not have these. But we all do.  For some reason, I feel that this may be my last season to achieve this. No matter how much you learn, advancing age will nullify some of it with loss of physical and mental ability. Maybe I have longer than this season. Maybe not. I don't fear not achieving a rating goal, even small ones like I am shooting for. I fear loosing the ability to give a decent account of myself on strip. I don't have to win, but I need feel I do a good job when I am competing.. Having a higher rating would make me feel a bit more qualified to be a coach as well. But that is another issue all together.

One of my other goals is to drop 10 pounds by December.  A better goal would be to drop 25 pounds. I choose to do something I think is attainable. My sixty year old metabolism has just about flat lined. However my desire to eat in great quantities is holding steady Cookies are my greatest foe. Oh well.....I enjoy a challenge. I must. I am a vet fencer.

Another goal for the first half of the season is to add 30 minutes of cardio/3 times a week to my workout routines. I am in the gym 3 times a week and sometimes 4. Up to this point, I hardly ever do much in the way of cardio. It bores me to tears. My lifting routine is somewhat a circuit training type of thing (Which I counted as cardio), but my training partner looks at me with disdain when I mention that. She is a cardio freak.

I use to love to run. THAT was cardio. Sadly, my legs cannot do that anymore. Not even an old guy run. Weird that they can squat so much weight in a gym, but cannot move in a manner that will let me run. Or at least in a manner that would let me run and then be able to walk the next morning.

Sense my goal setting last Thursday, I have done  two of these 30 minute cardio things along with my regular routine. The only way I can stand the boredom is to switch to different machines every 10 minutes to break up the monotony. Stairstepper to Elliptical to Treadmill....that sort of thing. Hey!...I am doing it.

Maybe I should give adding cardio back to my routine a shot. I have been lifting for 30 years. You aren't going to tell me much I don't know about it. My present vet body does not show that. This hardly seems fair. Yet, I feel that it is because of lifting that I can still hang on strip. I must have done something right. At least, I will allow myself to think so.