Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics; Reffing and Team Tournament

Girl Scouts

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a girl scout camp and for two days I taught fencing.  Foil was on Monday. Tuesday was epee and we finished with electrical bouting. They loved it. The camp is adding fencing to their program. They bought equipment and hope to double the girls involved next summer. I have taught a lot of beginner fencer classes, but I have never seen a group pick things up so quickly. I was proud of them.

Team Tournament

Yesterday, I fenced in a team tournament at Charlotte Fencing Academy. Teams were assigned in an effort to create balanced teams. It was a very good practice event that allowed me to fence 14 different people. I was the captain of one of the teams. I did not fence badly. It was hard to measure results against the better fencers as (due to a quirk in the make up of the teams) our team was always ahead in points. I enjoyed the challenge of fencing the "A" fencers. I think we may have come in second or maybe tied for second out of five teams. It didn't matter much in placement. It was for practice and fun.

Loosing a Ref

I always read the "Coaches Corner" on the Cape Fear Fencing website. I found out the other day that we are loosing one of our regular and decent refs in the Division. That is going to hurt.

I would ref epee sometimes, but I feel that I need a refresher course.  Something more than just reading the rules again.) Even though I have fenced in over a hundred tournaments and been to a half dozen ref clinics, I have only passed the general part of the test. I would be uneasy reffing in a tournament. There  are things I cannot remember. Ref clinics always focus on RoW weapons. I get that. But reffing epee is NOT as easy as some think. There is a lot of boredom and then an action causes you to go..." Oh Hell."

I had to ref at the end of the team tournament,, I was tired and made some mistakes. A little epee reffing clinic sounds like something that is unnecessary and to some, laughable. However, I think there is a place for it.

New Web Site

Our little club in Greensboro has a new web web site. There are some bugs and things to be completed, but it is up and running. Yay!


Time to set aside my journal and go check on Tim ; Homer and Team USA. So many great things are happening for fencing in these games!