Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Random Stuff

September is Fencing's Spring

This is the time of year when you look at AskFred and give a heavy sigh. Nothing to look forward to in fencing unless you are going to a camp or Nationals. I am doing neither. Sometime in September, local tournaments begin to pop up like Spring flowers. I look forward to that time.

Weird Things I Keep Thinking About From the State Games

My training partner received a call from a ref for covering target. She was fencing epee. That is all I need to say about that.

There was an unusually high amount of maladjusted obnoxious young people fencing epee. (Or maybe I just had the misfortune to be around these people.) One of the worst bell guarded a tiny female vet fencer in the head. He went back to the en guard line, rolled his eyes and made no effort to apologize or see how the petite vet fencer was doing as she lay on the strip. I could hear snotty things being said by his teammates. To think, I once tried to help these people. Damn!

USFCA Testing

I am taking my last shot at certification through the USFCA. I emailed Jen (Fencing master in the state who can do certification.) She said she would do it, however working out scheduling with Coach was needed. She asked me to talk to Coach and see when he could help with a weekend clinic.
I have not done that yet. He has done so much for me and the Division of late, I feel like I am taking advantage of him.

Coach is an unsung hero. There are a couple of other folks I can think of in this Division that also fit that bill. Maybe not to Coach's level, but still unsung heroes. I though a couple of times about trying organize a Divisional banquet and honor some of these people in some way. However the reality of how that would turn out has kept me from pursuing it. I can see people there being petty and thinking they have done more than so and so. And the truth is that there are  a lot of people that do things to make stuff happen in this area. You might just miss someone that deserves recognition. Just a pipe dream I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Hope it went well. I'm excited to hear that there's fencing in Greensboro!