Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maestro di scherma, maestro di vita.

American Fencer

I finished reading American Fencer" by Tim Morehouse this week. It was a good read on several levels. One thing in particular that I found interesting is that we share the same struggles. I certainly do not mean that I share the same problems and have the same talent as an Olympic fencer. But most of us have problems with time and money. We question ourselves and the sport. We learn ( hopefully) from defeat. I see the book as having a sort of an everyman perspective. I wonder if the author sees this. It is such a personal story for him.

Good luck this summer Mr. Morehouse.

The State Games

I did fairly well in the State Games yesterday. I finished in the top eight in a field of 29 fencers. There were a goodly number of veterans this year  and I took the bronze metal for vets. They give out medals for all kinds of things in this event. One of my students and teammates had three different medals from this one vent. She looked like a Christmas tree.

I did not do well in pools, but won my first two DEs and lost the third 15-14. Another wiffer for the rating. Always a bridesmaid....never a bride. I did not deserve to win the last bout. I was stupid. I blew a 6 point lead. He adjusted and I didn't. If my teammates had not coached me, I would not have seen how he adjusted.  I am not sure if this was stupid or not. My teammates advised me to open up the distance and wait. I did not see that working. I was only scoring when I attacked. So I did not listen to them. I made my own decision. Right one? I have no idea.

A pretty young girl who is one of my teammates and a sabre fencer got her"C". I was so proud of her. My "Christmas tree" teammate gave a lesson in humility to someone who desperately needed it. I have never been more proud of her. There were lots of lessons in humility given. I got a couple myself.

One of the best things about the games was that Coach Miller was there. He was slap worn out from camp this week, but brought all most all the scoring equipment for the games and stayed the whole time. It was a god-awful long event. Coach was hurting, but he gave so much. Awesome guy. I hope he gets some rest today.

The best thing at the State Games was that Coach watched me fence and was proud of me. He rarely has time to spend at local tournaments. He must focus on his team. But yesterday he was there and I did not disappoint him badly. I am thankful for that. It meant a lot to me.

( Note: Mostly likely a ton of mistakes in this post. However,my legs and I are worn out and I don't care. I will come back and fix it later.)


cobalt said...

Tim's done an INCREDIBLE job at doing everything he can from a national point of view to popularize the sport and put a face on it. Him and Jason Rogers took advantage of their position when they got that silver medal brilliantly.

Meh...from the sounds of it you may want to have worked the clock some more. Hindsight is 20/20 though and I wasn't there. And your teammates are probably thinking in a "Hammer in hand...everything is a nail" mindset(Since being patient has been worked on frequently). We'll discuss that one on Thursday. But nice job(aside from your club affiliation...what up with that? You and Nick don't want to play together that early)

Damn...Bless Ron for going to that. Particularly after the multiple hour long waits. Also glad Mr. Watkins had an ample opportunity to show off a bit in front of coach Miller. He's been considering Chapel Hill. The trick will be whether he wants to put the time and effort into improving his skill set a bit more. It's improved(as seen!), but he still needs to cut out the distractions. (Yes...this is a Phil Jackson style call out)

Happy Claire got her C. She's been wanting to and is ready to fence Div 1. If I could copy the drive she has into every one of my other young fencers... my job would be so much easier.

The Gray Epee said...

I did not notice the NCFDP until I saw it on AskFred. Sorry! Old program?

I introduced(per John's request) John; Patty and Nick to Coach. He could realy on say hello until some time in July. NCAA rules.

cobalt said...

Yep. I believe I had warned them about that. Hopefully they remembered...