Monday, May 28, 2012


I fenced in Wilmington this weekend. I was sick as a dog. A gift from my little germ carrying grandson. I did not fence my best, but I was in the game.

At Divisionals last year (oddly enough in Wilmington) I was so sick that I did not fence. I have often regretted not fencing then and wonder if I should have.  This time, I made up my mind, that if I wasn't going to pass out, I would fence. I did think about withdrawing. I didn't.

The tournament before this one, I was injured. I thought about with drawing. I didn't.

There are reasons you should not fence in tournaments. If you think you are going to harm yourself. Don't fence. It is okay to throw in the towel.

Here is the reason not to withdraw from a tournament. I am ashamed to say I have thought this before. If I fence sick/injured people will think I am a worse/poorer fencer than I am. Truth is that only people that care about you or hate you will give a damn how you did. Why let that be a factor in your fencing?

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