Monday, March 12, 2012

Fort Mill Fencing

This weekend, I fenced in a tournament in Fort Mill, SC. One of the things that made it interesting was that they were having a World Cup Pentathlon event in nearby Charlotte, NC. This was a Olympic qualifier event.

A dozen or so of these extremely fit young people showed up at the local tournament. They were from Argentina; Canada; Ireland and Germany. It drastically changed the mix of the local tournament. It was hard for anyone to stand up against the Germans.

I was mediocre in pools; won my first two DE’s and went out to a “B” fencer 13-15. I had the lead 11 to 9 and blew it. I am still kicking myself over that one. But I had a good time and it would not have done anything for my rating if I had won. The pentathletes and taken out all but one of the high level fencers and even though there were 53 people in the event, it became a “C2”.  I finished in the top 16. I was not to bummed about that, considering the pentathletes in the tournament.
It was a fun event.

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