Monday, February 13, 2012


Fenced in what should have been an A2 tournament with 44 fencers. I was seeded 20th going in and 20th going out. Kind of a dip in my progress.  Had a good thing happen in pools and a couple of bad ones.  My first DE was against one of the "A" fencers who was seeded 12th out of pools.  My goal was to make him work for it. If I had a couple of more points I would have considered that goal reached.

I had a fencer from Russia tell me I fenced well in a pool bout. I respect this man very much and that made me feel good. It was the high point in my day.

Some of my team mates did well. I was happy to see one of the young ones win his first DE and give a great account of himself against the man who took 2cnd place.  He had a bad problem with leaning forward and not keeping his feet under him and choosing when to attack, but still he had a good day. He has worked hard and deserved his progress. ( Please note that even though I was proud of him, I just ratted him out if my coach reads this.)

One of my teammates won the event, Sadly as an "A" went out to early, he did not earn his"A".

I watched what I considered an act of brutality against my training partner. It is my fondest hope that I get to fence this guy in the near future.

All in all....just kind of a "meh" day.


Dear Coach:

Should you read this, reviewing this event should not take more than five minutes. I would really like a PL instead of a review.



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cobalt said...

You only lost to other CHFA fencers. (Alex, Michael, Kelly). Think your progress was alright.

Noted and agreed. Nothing to use here. I already know how those guys fence :-P