Monday, January 16, 2012

USFCA Assistant Moniteur or That "Ain't Gonna" Work.

That "ain't gonna" work. Or at least I cannot complete this program in any way that makes sense or is economically feasible.I guess I should have given this a bit more thought and research.

In the NC Division, there are around 6 active members in the USFCA. Two of them I have never heard of; one does not have a club and another is four hours away. The closest one is in a club I am not a member of, which is an hour and twenty minutes away. She teaches sabre. I need epee. The person at my club in Charlotte, which I must drive an hour and a half to get to (once a week) is only certified in foil. I could train with her and be certified in foil,but that wasn't the game plan. Nor does it fit my needs. There are a few people who have USFCA certificates and I know their memberships have expired. I could pay for them to rejoin, but I don't have the money. There really isn't much of an incentive to be a USFCA member unless you are trying to be certified. I didn't say there wasn't any incentive, just not much.

In my hometown,where I teach,there are no USFCA members. There are barely any competitive fencers.

You must have 20 hours of training (I have eight years, but that doesn't count.)with a USFCA certified instructor and work under them (teaching)for another 20.I think the clinic I went to may cut the hours of training down to twelve, I must read more concerning that.

Perhaps I just need to wait on the Moniteur part of the program to roll around and hope I have the time and money for it. The time and training requirements are much different.

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cobalt said...

mmm...I thought she got her certification in epee as well. I'll resend in my membership if needed Jim. Not really a matter of twisting my arm too much.