Monday, January 30, 2012

An On-line Journal is Kind of Like Talking to Yourself.

Yesterday, I fenced in a CHFA tournament. I finished 12th out of 35. The weekend before, I fenced in a Cape Fear tournament and finished in the middle of the pack. Weird results there for a lot of people. Several upsets. I have just reviewed my last eight results on Ask Fred. My results are not so bad, I want to cry and not so good that I want to stick my chest out in pride. I don't know what to think. I wish there was some sort of formula that would allow you to graph things out. There are just so many factors involved when you try to evaluate yourself. It makes my head want  to explode.

I was dressing down after my second DE and I looked up to see Brian with a disapproving father face and his finger motioning for me to come see him. I evidently quit moving in my second DE. I will do my best to see it does not happen again.

I was disappointed to see that a young man I thought a lot of has turned into a self centered jerk. He was such a polite young guy and now all he can do is talk about his self and how great he is. He did end up getting the crud kicked out of him. I wish I or another vet fencer could have been the one to do it. Maybe he will grow out of it.

I was jostled in a bout. It was a legitimate jostle, but I added a groan to help get the call. Coach said it was a good acting job. I pay attention to Henri's lessons. Henri said she was glad Brian saw this, as I am prone to exaggeration. Now she has proof. Of course, this is not true at all.

Today I repaired 2 epees for the Greensboro Club. There are two more that need rewiring and new points. There are around 4 more blades that could be turned into epees if I had all the parts needed. However, fixing 2 today eased my conscience and I will get to the rest when I can.

Friday, Cam; Henri and I went to look at a space to move our club, It was unsuitable. Another dream shattered. The hunt continues.

There seems to be something happening in fencing (and within driving distance) every weekend for the foreseeable future. Mid-South and the Duke Home Meet are at odds. I am not sure what I will do there. There is an event in Raleigh this weekend. There is a ref clinic coming up. With event cost and travel it becomes a bit to much money and does not fit my needs. Though Deb said I could stay at her house. Very kind of her. I feel like if you are going to ref RoW weapons you need to fence them. I don't. I do feel like I desperately need a clinic on reffing epee. I know...I know....sounds like it would be simple enough. However, I sometimes question what I think I know. For example: I did not think you could call non-combativity (Pacifity still seems like a better word.) in a pool bout. However a young ref informed me other wise. If I get a chance today, I need to flip through the rule book. What happens there? How do you advance to the next round? If I am a couple of points ahead in a pool bout, I never attack. What the heck? There are several things like this I would like to have cleared up.


People that fence other weapons seem to freak more over bruises. After Saturday's tournament, I kind of see it as art work.

I took off my shirt to take a much needed shower when I got home and .....HOLY CRAP! It was a bumper day for bruises. You might think that means you got hit more than usual, but this is not the case. I have fenced bigger tournaments and had far less.

Basically there are 4 main types of bruises.

1. The ones that become little purple dots.

2. The ones that become big purple and greenish yellow blobs.

3. The ones that break the skin and sometimes bleed.

4. The long ones that are more like burns and take the longest to go away.

There are hybrids of the above that take on unique characteristics.

Next time I am going to try and do some sort of study in relation to pools and DE. TR vs  BM. Bruises made


cobalt said...

Father face? Oh no...

non-combatitity? you can't call non combatitivity in a pool bout. Very specific that it's in regards to direct elimination bouts. Who do I have to have a discussion with?


Individual Events
5. a) If during the first two periods of a direct elimination bout both fencers make
clear their unwillingness to fence, the Referee will proceed to the next period,
without the minute rest.

b) When both fencers make clear their unwillingness to fence during the third
period of a direct elimination bout, the Referee will proceed to a last minute of
fencing. This last minute, which will be fenced in its entirety, will be decisive
and will be preceded by a drawing of lots to decide the winner should the
scores be equal at the end of the minute

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