Friday, January 6, 2012

1st 2012 Post


I skipped the "Hangover" so I could spend money to go to a USFCA Assistant Moniteur Clinic. It is very basic, but I need to review a great many things.I have forgotten a great deal on things like group lessons and such. Okay...I was never very good at group lessons to begin with. Walter Green is the instructor. He explained via e-mail, that this helps prepare you for the way the USFCA does things...proceedures..demands....that sort of thing. So if you want to pursue advancement through their ranks, then this is a good start. Made sense to me. People I talked to liked Mr. Green, so I am looking forward to meeting him. I have also heard (rightly or wrongly)that he is very much into the history of fencing. That is an area that is of interest to me, but most likely will not come up often in the coaching clinic.

Why are you doing this Jim? I don't know exactly. I would rather spend time trying to make myself a better fencer. I may not have a lot of time left to do that. I don't want to Coach...but someday I may. I am coaching, so even if it it is not a big personal desire to do so....I need to do the best job I can at it. I want to pursue as many elements of fencing as my time and resources will allow. Sadly, that is not as much as I would like.

An On-line Journal

Having an on-line journal is sort of like being on Facebook. I am sure it is not like this for everyone.....some people don't give a rip what they say. (My dad use to say ...."don't give a rip". I am not sure I ever heard anyone else say it. I also do not know what a rip is. But it cannot be much.) Anyway...often times you try to make yourself seem nicer....wiser.....not as weird....better....than you really are by what you say and often by what you don't say. Lately, there has been a topic I wanted to explore, but I am afraid to write about it. How weird is that? I am afraid that I might be wrong in my opinion. I am still reading up on the subject. I am trying to find out why I am wrong in what I think. I fear that I might offend one of the half dozen people that read this. That is just so strange.

Hooking Up....No....Not THAT Kind.

Not to long ago my coach was talking about when we started fencing in a tournament. From his perspective, it was the minute you walk in the door. For some that is true...if you can back it up. Getting into some one's head,which is part of the epee game,is only useful if you have the fencing skill to take advantage of it.

I have noticed that,every once in a while, I start fencing when you are called to strip and are hooking up. If my opponent looks impatient and eager for me to hurry up and get through the process....I sloooooww down...... I also smile at him/her. A smile is a great thing to use on strip.

A lot of little things can happen while hooking up and it can be kind of a game. I like to be first through the testing, because I always have to adjust my body cord after the ref looks for a switch.

I have been working on/repairing a couple of club epees and one of my own. I have this overwhelming desire to go to Radio Shack and buy a couple of toggle switches and install them in an epee. perhaps mark one as " get touch" and one as " fire paralyzing dart". With certain refs I think it would be worth the yellow card. I just need to make sure a yellow card is all I get.

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