Friday, October 28, 2011


Often I tend to record things that are not related to being a vet fencer. This post is all about being that.

Acceptance. This is what I am thinking about today. This is not the kind of acceptance, as in being accepted by younger fencers. You get over that one way or the other very fast. This is not about being accepted in the fencing community. That takes care of itself one way or the other. There are other kinds.

Last night as we did 1-2-3 footwork exercises, I looked at myself move in the mirror. I never do that. I was trying to see if my balance was okay. When I did this I almost fell over. But I also noticed that my footwork stunk. I moved like a fencer who had been fencing for 6 months and does everything correct, but not with the power of a good bent rear leg or other signs of athleticism or experience. I can't do it. Or to be more precise...I can't do it for long. I can do it a bouting from time to time....I think. I bought a video camera to see what I looked like fencing or taking lessons, so that I could fix things. However, I have never used it to film myself. Partly because I don't want to bother someone else and partly because I am afraid of what I will see. Other footwork practice includes bouncing drills. This where I try to pretend I can bounce or I try to blend in like I am bouncing. The pain shifts from my bad front knee to hamstrings and calf in my rear leg when bouncing. It is a refreshing change. I am accepting that my legs have seen better days. I am not accepting that I cannot give a decent account of myself fencing because they have betrayed me. I can still fleche. And though I don't have the courage to video myself, I would say that often they are not what is called in the club I fence at......" old man fleches".

I lost my temper at the the club last night. I will not go into details here. In my mind it was a question again of acceptance.

My coach told me as we talked later, that " from an economic stand point, that this is a sport which is all about youth." I can accept this or I cannot accept it.

(Note: There is a different perspective from a club owner and an aging student. I get this.)

I am grateful to my coach for all that I have learned from him. It is much more than I can apply. That is another kind of acceptance.

I am thinking about taking a month off from fencing. Or perhaps change clubs for a month.. Micheal Marx said (at a clinic I once attended) that you should periodically change coaches. This would be a difficult thing to do. I suspect that my training partner of many years would remain at the present club. I would hate the long drives alone or missing the discussion after training on the way back to our homes. Can I accept this?

This season I can fence Vet 60. I have no trouble accepting that. I am having trouble accepting some of the changes with my physical ability. Or perhaps, I am having trouble realizing that I cannot "hang" with some younger fencers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boring Post

I have not posted in over a month. Nothing to record or to say.

I have started coaching the UNCG Fencing Club. Nice kids. I enjoy it. I will try this out through this semester. I hope to run a little in house tournament for them towards the end of the school year.

I having a knee problem that seems to be hurting me more and more in my fencing. For now I will just have to suck it up and keep at it.

Big event in South Carolina this weekend. I am unsure if I can make it or not.

Yep....boring post.