Friday, July 8, 2011


If you are not at Nationals, ( And I am not.)the fencing season is over. There is not much on the horizon.

I want a break from fencing, HOWEVER I know that if I if I take one I will not be able to stand waiting for it to start again. Damned if I do, moderately damned if I don't.

July is the worst month for fencing. Fencers are fenced out. Coaches are tired.

August is another story. You can get reved up to prepare yourself for the next season. July is the problem.

There is a coaching clinic in August I was thinking about, however I cannot afford it as I am out of work. The price of the club, plus renewing USFA membership,plus the club dues, plus the cost of gas to get to is just to much.

There might be tournament On Labor Day, but it is a three and half hour drive. There may be another free fun tournament at the club this month and there is dry fencing in the park thing in Winston Salem. I hope this will keep me moving.

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