Sunday, July 31, 2011


My private lesson last week was an assessment. Just as I can fence poorly, sometimes I can take a lesson poorly. Naturally, it was one were I am being assessed. I feel like I am back in school and didn't do well on a test I HAD studied for.

Some time I need to talk to my coach and find out just what my strengths and weakness are. He has done well in helping me and I am sure he can advise me, however , I would like to give it some thought myself.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Charlotte Fencing Academy On The News!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Team Event

Yesterday I fenced in another random team tournament. This was a tournament, with several clubs involved, were teams are formed by the coach to make them as fair as possible.

I fenced poorly against people I should have done better with and did not fence as well as the last time we did this. However, I did get to fence 15 people and it was great practice.

There were times when I fenced well, or made a few good touches. In fact,even though I did not fence well, for some reason I feel like I can hold my own in local "C" and under events now. I am not sure that is true. I cannot impartially judge my own ability. Also, it would seem to me that it depends on if I am having a good day or a bad day. Maybe I am not yet consistent.

Coach Toomey told me at my last private lesson, that my fleche has improved (or words to that effect) even though it is not fast, it is at the often at the correct moment. During this tournament, I know that I made a couple of these attacks that were DAMN fast. I tired to figure out why on the ride home. I am thinking that my knees were bent deeper that normal and it was just at the right time to make the faster attack. I am uncertain if it is possible for me to do this more often.

One problem I have with people over a "C" rating (This is of course a generality.) are the people with a fast good flick to the cuff. I tell my self to keep keep my arm moving....don't drift into distance.....but I do not seem to follow through with this when I am fencing. Sometimes I can parry these attacks with a parry three, but I cannot repost. My own flick has improved a little, but not enough to make significant difference in my fencing. I am still working on it.

My training partner pointed out to me in a bout of late, that I am leaning forward. I thought I had fixed that. Sadly, when I fence this matter how bad I get beat....I need to go back and make sure my feet are under me and that my hand does not drift into four. I work on doing something new and my old problems drift back into the picture again.

Another problem I see is this: Epee is more complex than other weapons. There...I said it. Fencers are allowed to make cracks about other weapons...once in a while. To often....and you are jerk. However, I am not joking. Here is why I think this.

A. When I watch foilist or sabreist, I generally see about six different types. However,in epee, every damn one of them is different some degree.
You run into fencers that are just your cup of tea. You can hang with them...or beat them because their style is just what your style is made for. Sadly, your style is perfect for others to eat your lunch.

B. Target area. The greater the target area, the greater the area to defend. IE: More complex. I mean....really.

C. I could go on about reffing (Yep...reffing epee IS actually difficult in some ways.) and other thoughts on the complexity of the weapon....but I am coming dangerously close to saying things non-epeeist don't want to hear. Besides...I am not the gods gift to the fencing world. I might be wrong.

Friday, July 8, 2011


If you are not at Nationals, ( And I am not.)the fencing season is over. There is not much on the horizon.

I want a break from fencing, HOWEVER I know that if I if I take one I will not be able to stand waiting for it to start again. Damned if I do, moderately damned if I don't.

July is the worst month for fencing. Fencers are fenced out. Coaches are tired.

August is another story. You can get reved up to prepare yourself for the next season. July is the problem.

There is a coaching clinic in August I was thinking about, however I cannot afford it as I am out of work. The price of the club, plus renewing USFA membership,plus the club dues, plus the cost of gas to get to is just to much.

There might be tournament On Labor Day, but it is a three and half hour drive. There may be another free fun tournament at the club this month and there is dry fencing in the park thing in Winston Salem. I hope this will keep me moving.